Freight and Bulk Cargo Shipping Quotes

Freight and Bulk Cargo Shipping Quotes Worldwide


Geared Bulker 71,000 DWT

Bulk Cargoes – Iron Ore, Coal, Grain and other dry cargoes  by Geared or Gearless Bulkers – Affreightment Contracts or Spot Fixtures – Contact us for a quote

An Affreightment contract is an agreement between a merchant or “charterer” who wishes to move goods, and a ship-owner. Part of the ship’s cargo carrying space may be contracted for, or the entire ship’s space for the carriage of goods. These “charters” may be for one voyage “Spot Fixture” or more than one voyage, or for a contracted and defined time frame.


Geared General Cargo Tween Decker 9100 DWT – Break Bulk Cargoes

Break Bulk Cargoes – Bagged, Bundled, Crated, Drummed in addition to non unitized general cargo such as vehicles, steel and scrap metal – utilizing Multi-Purpose or General Cargo Vessels – Geared or Gearless (with or without cranes)



Roll On Roll Off Cargo Ship or RORO

Roll-On Roll-Off transport for wheeled cargoes and Mafi transport for Fixed Cargoes Worldwide

Load-On Load-Off Cargoes for loading and unloading alongside ship

Float on Float off yacht and commercial vessel transport Worldwide

Insurance, Customs Clearance, Permits, Shrink Wrapping and Cradles

Enclosed container shipping Worldwide – 20′ 40′ and 45′ containers available

Ground Transport Worldwide – Yachts or any type of heavy Equipment

Freight Forwarding and Logistics Services at very competitive rates

Freight & Bulk Cargo Shipping Quotes

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