Ships & Commercial Vessels For Sale


OFFSHORE INDUSTRY VESSELS  include Platform Supply Vessels or PSV, Anchor Handling Tug Supply Boats or AHTS, Diving Support Vessels or DSV, Fast Crew Supply, Fast Supply Intervention Vessels or FSIV,  Construction Support Vessels and Safety Standby Vessels for sale. Ships & Commercial Vessels For Sale

 ships & commercial vessels for sale

LANDING CRAFT  include Landing Craft, Roll On Roll Off or RORO, Roll On Load Off or ROLO and Load On Load Off or LOLO and Roll On Passenger or ROPAX vessels for sale.

DRY CARGO SHIPS  include Bulk Carriers, Container Ships, General Cargo Ships, Multi-Purpose Cargo Ships, Cement Carrier Vessels, Coal Carrier Vessels, Sand Carrier Vessels, Reefer Vessels or Refrigerated Cargo Ships and Live Stock Carrier Vessels

TUG BOATS  or Tugs include Harbor Tugs, Ocean Tug Boats, Model Bow Tugs, Tractor Tugs, Azimuth Tugs, River Tugs and Push Boats

BARGES   include Accommodation Barges, Deck Barges, Bin Wall Deck Barges, Spud Barges, Hopper Barges, Tank Barges, Floating Crane Barges, Pipe Lay Barges, Jack Up Barges, Dry Docks and Self Propelled Tank Barges

SPECIALIZED VESSELS  include Dredgers, Cable Layer Vessels, Heavy Lift Vessels, Survey Research Vessels, Salvage Vessels, Offshore Construction Platforms and Amphibious Hovercraft Hydrofoil Vessels

ships & commercial vessels for sale

OIL TANKERS  include Product Tankers, Crude Oil Tankers, Chemical Tankers, Bunker Tankers, Gas Carriers or LPG LNG Tankers and Asphalt Tankers

PASSENGER VESSELS  Crew Boats, Patrol Boats, Passenger Ferries, Passenger Excursion Dinner Cruise Vessels, Cruise Ships and Floating Hotels or Accommodation Barges For Sale

COMMERCIAL FISHING VESSELS  include Fishing Draggers, Longliners, Seiners, Shrimpers, Trawlers and Factory Freezer Trawlers

MOTOR & SAILING YACHTS  include Mega Yachts, Motor Power Yachts, Sailing Yachts For Sale

MARINE & SHORE EQUIPMENT For Sale includes Diesel Engines, Diesel Generators, Land and Marine Cranes, Equipment

ships & commercial vessels for sale

Horizon Ship Brokers, Inc. We provide professional marine brokerage services to commercial vessel and ship owners and buyers. Our network includes hundreds of shipbrokers worldwide providing access to significant inventory of vessels for sale.

Contact us to list your commercial vessel or ship for sale. We reach a large worldwide market of ship and commercial vessel buyers. We bring ship buyers and sellers together for successful sales. Our team of professional shipbrokers look forward to serving your company.

Therefore, if your commercial vessel or ship is for sale, we look forward to learning how we can be of assistance to your goals. Furthermore, our ability to market effectively and bring buyers and sellers together is one of our greatest strengths. Finally, we provide professional maritime services with integrity to Buyers and Sellers worldwide. Our team of professional marine brokers look forward to serving you and your company.


Capt. Hal Oakes, Pres. – Maine USA 1-207-593-8191  Email   Company Operations – Brokerage

Susan Oakes, Vice President – Maine USA  Company Operations – Brokerage

Mr. Tommy Benson – Texas USA  1-936-689-7189  Email  US Gulf of Mexico – US Oil Field Operations – Marine Project Consulting

Capt. Semih Karaman – Istanbul / Netherlands – 0031 6 1513 1362  Email   S&P – Charter – All Projects

Mr. Myles McGrath – New York – Email  Worldwide S&P – Charters

Capt. Carlton Rhoden – Jamaica  1 876-787-2824   Email  Unlimited Master – S&P Caribbean and Middle East – Delivery Captain Worldwide

Mr. Jay Santiago – Philippines  Email  Specializing Asia S&P – Charter – Specialized Projects

Capt. Patrick Terrebonne – Mississippi, USA 1-985-665-0050 – Email  Unlimited Master, Marine & Safety Consulting – Worldwide Delivery