Maritime Attorney – Admiralty Law & Ship Reflagging

Maritime Attorney – Admiralty Law & Ship Reflagging


Ship Registration and Seafarers Documentation & Maritime Consultants for Offshore Companies 

Providing Legal Services in the following Flag States:

Panamá, Belize, Liberia, Marshall Island, Moldova, Honduras, Bahamas, Dominica, Micronesia, New Zealand, Vanuatu, The Netherdlands, Tanzania, Palau, Togo, Cook Islands, Cambodia, St. Vincent & Congo Flag States

Obtaining Permanent Certificate of Registration Provisional, Special (Single Trip for Sale, Scrap Vessels or Other), Dual Flag Chartering, Laid Low Condition Up for Pleasure Yacht or Private Use, Tanker vessel, Tugs, Barges, Bulk Carriers, Tanker Ship, General Cargo, Ship Passengers, Ice Breaker Used vessels and New Construction

* Provisional Vessel Registration (Valid for six (6) months).

* Permanent Registration (Valid for four (4) years).

* Bareboat Dual Registration (Valid for (2) years).

* Preliminary And Permanent of Naval Mortgage .

* Preliminary And Permanent Property Registration.

* 60 days Special Registration (For Voyages or Last Trip).

* Change of Ownerships and Vessel Names.

* Extension of Navigations Patent and Radio.

* CSR & ISSC (Full Term).

* CSO & SSO Endorsement.

* ITC Endorsement.

* Annual taxes and renewal of Navigation documents

* Obtaining the Certificate of Cancellation or Deletion of Panama, Belize, Honduras & Bolivia

* Issue of CLC for Oil Pollutio.

* LRIT Test

* Obtaining Authorization, Waiver and Exception to the various records

* Bunker Convention Certificate (Damage issued or Blue Card)

* Obtaining of the Crew Manning Certificate

* Management Company Radio activation and other Inmarsat services to Panama, Belize and other Flags. Under Management of Shipping Radio & Management Intl Inc. (PG06)

* Obtaining the MMSI number (To set EPIRB)

* Official Log Book, Oil Record Book & Crew List

* Completion of Sale Purchase Agreements (Bill of Sale) and Registration thereof, public registries of different Countries

Seafarers Services:

* Issuance and Management notebooks Embarkation Officer, Subaltern, Marine Technicians, Hotel & Staff Course Endorsements under STCW 2010 amended.

* Consulting and Training Organization Seafarers (Crew).

Maritime Technical Services:

* Issuance of all necessary Certificates for Ship, applicable to the type of Services ir provides under this and the International Conventions on Safety of Navigation, Load Line and Prevention of Environmental Pollution, among others such as DOC, SMC, ISSC, CSR, IOPP, ITC 1969, ILL 1966.

* Preparation and Approval of plans and Manuals Maritimes.

Maritime Insurance Services (Any Flag State Administration)

* Protection & Indemnity (P&I), Get a custom quote for you and your Vessel.

* Hull & Machinery (H&M)

* Pollution / Blue Cards

* Cargo, Protect your freight interest.