Freight and Bulk Cargo Shipping Quotes Worldwide


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Freight and Bulk Cargo Shipping Quotes Worldwide

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Dry Bulk Cargo shipping quotes worldwide include Bulk Cargoes – Iron Ore, Coal, Grain and other dry cargoes by Geared or Gearless Bulk Carriers

Break Bulk Cargo includes machinery, steel, pipe, lumber, oversize cargo, requiring special handling and equipment.

Neo Bulk Cargo  such as vehicles, cars, trucks, trailers, construction equipment using Roll On – Roll Off Cargo Carriers

Bulk Cargo can also include the use of flexible containers or bags to contain loose materials such as cement, ores, grain or other materials.


Freight Forwarding and Logistics Services at Competitive Rates

Break Bulk Cargoes include Bagged, Bundled, Crated and Drummed commodities in addition to non-unitized general cargo such as vehicles, steel and scrap metal. Cargo is shipped utilizing Multi-Purpose or General Cargo Vessels either Geared or Gearless meaning with or without shipboard cranes. 

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Neo Bulk Cargo

Freight and Bulk Cargo Shipping Quotes Worldwide

Roll On Roll Off Cargo Ship or RORO vessel chartering can be confusing, therefore we recommend our associated freight and cargo specialists who can assist you in your requirements even on routes not typically covered by commercial liners. With a network of vessels available worldwide, we can match the right ship to your needs.

RORO or Roll On – Roll Off transport for wheeled cargoes and Mafi transport for Fixed Cargoes

LOLO or Load On – Load Off Cargoes for loading and unloading alongside ship

Float on Float off yacht and commercial vessel transport

Ground Transport Worldwide – Yachts and All Types of Heavy Equipment

Full Liner service – Port to Port   or   Full Liner Service – Door to Door

Insurance, Customs Clearance, Permits, Shrink Wrapping and Cradles



Containers Available: 20′ 40′ 45′ and 53′ and High Cube

Container Return Service Available

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