9 X New 2300 KW DC Generators For Sale

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ID 1054 REF m1sw Location: USA Price: Price on Request
Details: 9 X New 2300 KW DC Generators For Sale

(9) SOLD INBLOC New 2300 kw DC Generators For Sale
The generators are new / never used. A buyer must purchase at least four (4) of the generators. The owner U.S. Company will provide a discount for purchase of all nine (9) generators. Best Offer required / no scrapers need inquire.
All in general same location: USA, Western Seaboard.
Generator Nos. 1 through 6 are complete, tested inspected and crated. Generator Nos. 7, 8 and 9 are completed to component level only and crated.
Note: Generator Nos. 1 through 4 are stored at the owner's warehouse Western Seaboard USA. Generator Nos. 5 through 9 are stored at a warehouse same area.

The Owners Purchase Summary
The owner intended to replace the existing DC generators on the (2) Super class vessels with higher voltage DC generators to enable the vessels to operate on fewer engines to save fuel and reduce maintenance costs. To accomplish such upgrade, in 2006 The owner purchased nine (9) 2300 kw generators from Teco Westinghouse, at an aggregate price of $5.3 million. However, the owner subsequently discovered that the control system on the vessels would not support the higher voltage generators. Rather than upgrade the control system, the owner decided to sell the new generators and retain the existing control system and generators.
Originally purchased for 290ft / 88.39 meter. fast Cat ferries.
Reason for Purchase:
Diesel Electric Conversion costs after purchase was found to be to costly.
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Manufacturer: Teco - Westinghouse
Application: DC Generator
Winding Type: Stabilized, Shunt Wound, Separately Excited
Cooling Type: Air cooled
Bearings: Single (Pedestal, Commentator end)
Frame Size: DD514.7
Rated Electrical Output: (kw) 2300
Rated Speed: (RPM) 900
Shaft Rotation: CCW (Facing Commentator End)
Rated Armature Voltage: (V DC) 700 (At 900 RPM)
Rated Armature Current: (A DC) 3285
Shunt Field Voltage: (V DC) 218 (Calculated, Hot)
Full Shunt Field Current: (A DC) 22.1 (Calculated)
Insulation Class: (Class) F
Duty Class: (IEC S Code) S1
Enclosure: Totally enclosed; watertight to bottom of shaft;
IP-44 above that point
Requiring a main engine in the rage of:
The generator/s design was for 2500 HP
All the Generators are new / never used and are crated for transport. The generators will be sold "as-is, where-is".

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