Bergen BRM-9 Engine Parts Lot

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ID 1113 REF p1hd Location: US Gulf Coast Price: Price on Request
Details: Bergen BRM-9 Engine Parts Lot For Sale.

100754 BRM-9 Liner, Cylinder 3ea

"UBE-423856 230392 BGNWEL BRM-9 "Head, Cylinder
With Seats" 2ea

052045 BRM-9 "Hydraulic Tool, Cylinder Head
Position #22" 4ea

413413 BRM-9 "Ring Set, Piston
Position #23" 16ea

305010 BRM-9 "Rod Bolt, Connecting
Position #24" 42ea

055612 BRM-9 "Nut, Big End Bearing Bolt
Position #25" 38ea

700458 BRM-9 "Bushing, Gudgeon Pin
Position #26" 16ea

022965 BRM-9 "Bearing Shell, Big End
Position #27" 38ea

"202229202229_BE" BRM-9 "Pin, Gudgeon
Position #28" 14ea

"320052 (new) 410550 (old)" BRM-9 "Piston, F/Anti Polish Ring 6m Position #29" 15ea

706415 BRM-9 "O-Ring Set, Cylinder Liner
Position #31" 20ea

701097 BRM-9 "Gasket, 1.75mm
Position #32" 18ea

700902 BRM-9 "Gasket, 2,0mm
Position #33" 10ea

301164 BRM-9 "Ring, Anti Polishing
Position #34 " 14ea

418833 BRM-9 "Gasket Kit, Cylinder Head
Position #48" 15ea

406531 BRM-9 "Gasket Kit, Start Air Valve
Position #49" 28ea

403007 BRM-9 "Gasket Kit, Fuel Injector Valve
Position #52" 24ea

300830 BRM-9 "High Pressure Pipe, B-Engine
Position #53" 19ea

423857 BRM-9 Head, Cylinder Cover Complete 2ea

429596 BRM-9 Valve Seat, Oversize 1mm 4ea

429597 BRM-9 Valve Seat, Oversize 2mm 4ea

429598 BRM-9 Valve Seat, Oversize 3mm 4ea

052703 BRM-9 Valve Guide, Air Valve 9ea

052705 BRM-9 Valve Guide, Exhaust Valve 12ea

024002 BRM-9 O-Ring, Inlet Valve Guide 12ea

024003 BRM-9 O-Ring, Exhaust Valve Guide 12ea

23095 BRM-9 Circlip, A21 10ea

23096 BRM-9 Circlip, A23 10ea

022977 BRM-9 Valve, Inlet (EN52 Stellit) 6ea

022978 BRM-9 Valve, Exhaust (Nimonic 81) 6ea

706585 BRM-9 O-Ring, Exhaust Valve Seat 12ea

706586 BRM-9 O-Ring, Exhaust Valve Seat 12ea

304290 BRM-9 Valve Seat, Air

704314 BRM-9 Valverotator, B-Engine

010101 BRM-9 O-Ring 4.ea

052469 BRM-9 Bolt, Cylinder Cover

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