Caterpillar CAT 3412 BTT Bow Tunnel Thruster 16331 Hours

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ID 1114 REF p1hd Location: US Gulf Coast Price: Price on Request
Details: Caterpillar CAT 3412 BTT Bow Tunnel Thruster 16331 Hours For Sale.

Standard 1000 HP @ 2100 RPM

Engine History:

5/13/2015 Replaced fuel jumper lines 3281

3/5/2015 Inframe Overhaul 19713

1/14/2015 T/S engine not shutting down, opened junction box and checked wires, found no issues with engine

11/18/2014 Replaced shut-off solenoid, replaced diode

3/31/2014 Replace fuel system

11/22/2013 Replaced fuel shutoff solenoid and time delay box

6/18/2012 Set valves

4/1/2008 Drop valves#10 cyl. replaced cyl. head right bank turbo cart. cyl. pack and #6 injectors

3/5/2006 T/s high coolant temps. Removed end covers on oil cooler and water pump, cleaned and reassembled. Then removed end of bonnet on heat exchanger, found plugged up. Rodded out core and also changed water temp regulators.

6/30/2003 Assembled bow thruster. 0 3129530
11/20/1995 Replaced sep. filters with 9Y3879 air filters.

11/2/1995 Cleaned and adjusted solenoid

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