50m Self Propelled Floating Crane Barge – 2020

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50m Self Propelled Floating Crane Barge - 2020 For Sale.

loa 50.3m,
beam 19.8m,
depth 3.6m,
draft 1.8m,

crane main engine power 2000hp,
selfsail main engine 818hp x 2,
selfsail able 11 knots/PER H,
transshipment ability for sands/stones/coal,etc...: 2600ton /per hour,
crane designed lift capacity 50ton, max testing able 60ton.

This hull below the main deck aft to FR6 rudder nacelle; FR6-FR29 wherein FR6-FR8 central
part of the fuel tank, FR18-FR29 central part of the fuel tank, the rest of the nacelle; FR29-FR35
empty spaces; FR35-FR51 middle part is suspended a nacelle, wherein the central part FR35-FR43
emergency fire pump chamber, FR29-FR51 empty spaces on both sides, FR51-FR60 central fresh
water tanks, FR60-FR69 central empty spaces, FR51-FR69 both sides of the cooling water tank.
FR69-FR84 empty spaces; FR84- bow is bow void spaces. The ship is provided two vertical
through bulkheads. In FR6, FR29, FR51, FR69, FR84 provided five transverse bulkheads.

2. The main deck
FR10-FR31 main deckhouse, a kitchen, bathroom, six crew compartment, carbon dioxide.
FR35-FR58 chamber as a generator, machine equipped with a lifting table, wherein FR35-FR40
right to the bathroom.
The vessel is provided at the end of a double pile 200 bollards 1, 100 pile bollards 4; and
ship FR3, FR29, FR51, FR69, FR84 about 200 double hull pile 10 is provided bollards.

3. Live deck
FR12-FR29 is about eight crew compartment; FR49-FR56 is the cab.
Fourth, the hull structure section
The vessel according to domestic sailing ship construction norms design. Longitudinal
framing structure type, all single deck barge welding.

The main component dimensions:
Plate keel 12mm, strakes 10mm, the housing plate 8mm, sheer strakes: 8mm, 6mm vertical and
horizontal bulkhead (unless otherwise marked outside), the main deck 8mm, plates local thickening of16mm.

In the keel: ⊥9x286 / 18x220 / ⊥10x286 / 18x220 (nacelle) / ⊥8x420 / 10x150 (fore and aft peak
tank); the next keel: ⊥8x286 / 14x160 / ⊥9x286 / 14x160 (nacelle); solid floors: L6x300 / 75 / ⊥9x286
/ 14x160 (nacelle) / ⊥8x420 / 10x150 (fore and aft peak tank); bottom longitudinals: L90x56x6.
Deck girders, web beams: L6x300 / 75; deck longitudinals: L90x56x6; Pillar diameter: 108x6 /
L90x90x8; diagonals: L90x90x6.
Strong ribs, side stringers L6x250 / 50; Common ribs L75x50x5; vertical bulkhead stringers,
horizontal girders: L6x300 / 75, bulkhead stiffeners L90x56x6.

CCSA plate main material of construction, and other non-essential deckhouse structure using
CCSA plate. Ship welding should be ;Hull Welding instructions; to.

V. turbine section
The vessel is provided with a nacelle 2 8170ZC818-3 stern drive engine, rated power 601kw, each with a rated speed of 1350rpm and a station HC600 gearbox ratio I = 3.5: 1.1 units TFXW- 500L6-H diesel generator machine, power 1000KW, to supply lifting machine; 1 XN224E diesel generator sets, power of 50kW, a table XNM224C diesel generators, power 30kW, provided the total 80CBZ-30 type fire pump station 1, 80CBZ- bilge pump station 30 type 1, type 50BP-35
emergency fire pump station 1.

Sixth, set the anchor mooring
The vessel in accordance with its optional first anchor means outfitting number 2, each mass is
1590kg ,; stud welding anchor chain AM2 = 34mm diameter, total length of 385m.
Vessel with mooring bridle rope 4, each of length 160m, breaking strength>
123kn. A tow rope, length 180m; breaking force> 277kn.

Seven, stability
The ship stability in accordance with the ;domestic legal sailing ship inspection techniques
rules; (2011);Modify Bulletin; (2012,2014,2016,2018) the relevant requirements of the ship's
engineering area near Hainan Airlines accounted for, cut each state are to meet regulatory
requirements, see; stability calculations.

Eight, freeboard
The vessel in accordance with the minimum freeboard (2011), amendment. Shipyard
domestic legal sailing ship inspection techniques rules (2012,2014,2016,2018) near the boat HNA
area project accounting requirements, the real ship summer minimum freeboard is F = 768.21mm,
actual freeboard 1910mm, to meet regulatory requirements.
Nine, to promote and manipulation
This vessel is a dual-propellers, two 8170ZC818-3 host using diesel, main power 601kw.
HC600 gearbox selection type, ratio 3.5: 1. Design speed is 8Kn. The vessel uses two pairs of pivot
plates rudder.

Ten, fire-fighting equipment
The ship fire-fighting equipment by domestic legal sailing ship inspection techniques rules
configuration. Hydrant 7, the engine room 2 and the trolley type foam fire extinguisher portable fire extinguishers, portable foam respective apparatus 1, a total of 26 decks provided portable fire extinguishers, portable foam generating chamber is provided an apparatus and only a trolley type foam fire extinguisher, fire bucket 4, sand box 4, Pacific ax 4, a set of fire equipment, provided the fire 80CBZ-30 type pump station 1, 80CBZ-30 type bilge a pump station (interoperate with the fire pump) and the fixed fire fighting system water.

XI, life-saving equipment
The ship is equipped buoy 8, wherein the three bands from the lighting, with a buoyant rope 3,
two signals with self-lighting and smoke buoy, a life jacket 14, the suit 14, dumped Inflatable
liferaft 4 , 12 rocket parachute flares, a rescue boat.

12? Signaling equipment
1, the signal lamp:
This boat navigation lights, lights by sailing ship domestic statutory inspection techniques
rules set, should set up a white masthead light, port light (red) 1, starboard light (green) one, a white stern light, white ring downlight 1 (as with anchor light), light 8 (four red a green and white, red for uncontrolled wherein two lamps) Mohs lamp 1 (with a Mohs electrical construction), a flash day communication.
2, and the number and type of flag:
Sphere 3, a rhombohedral, face 5 flags 3, 4, a set of international flag, a
flag hand, surface No. 1 flag Flag.
3, acoustic signals:
Type in a flute (250HZ), handle a whistle, a bell large model.

XIII, radio equipment
The ship radio equipment by sailing ship domestic rules of statutory inspection techniques were
to sail offshore navigation zone settings, VHF radiotelephone 1, NAVTEX receiver station 1, a satellite
emergency position-indicating radio standard 1 table, survival craft two-way VHF radiotelephone 3, 1 high-frequency radio sets, AIS search and rescue transponder 2.
Fourth, navigation equipment:
The ship is equipped with magnetic compass 1 sets a steering magnetic compass set of spare
magnetic compass 1 sets gyrocompass 1 sets, satellite emergency EPIRB one, rudder angle indicator 1, the host or propeller speed indicator 1, the radar 1 station, sounding a hand hammer, an echo sounder, GPS, AIS (A level) of each set of equipment and the like.

15 Antipollution equipment
The ship is equipped with a water separator units, Model: YSF-Q-0.5; sewage treatment
apparatus 1 sets, Model: CBM-2.

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